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Molecular formula :

nature : fluid (usually refers to gases and liquids) outside Afterburner (gravity, centrifugal force, pressure poor) caused under the macro-campaign.

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More Detailed Data:
1) ideal flow
2) shear flow
3) volume flow
4) Bingham flow
5) two-phase flow
6) two-phase flow
7) flowability
8) funnel flow
9) information flow
10) elongational flow;extensional flow
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1) Air cleaner
2) Device for controlling microwave power of a microwave oven
3) Technical design and application of jet smoke-eliminating dust-removing device
4) Operation of pre-mixing burner
5) Oxy-fuel burner system designed for alternate fuel usage
6) Illumination tape
7) Liquid fuel lantern with electronic ignition
8) Liquid dispensing apparatus
9) Seamless T-branch pipe making process
10) An electromagnetical safety valve for a burning apparatus