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colloid mill
Molecular formula :

nature : a grinding mill. About 0.2mm enable the materials to a crushing μ m. There are wet and dry are two commonly used wet. The main components of a high-speed rotating disk, and the gap between the shell can be adjusted to 0.005mm, material gap in the high-speed flow, and by the impact of grinding role was insignificant to smash particles (Figure Reserved). Sometimes the disk casing and equipped with combat rods will enable the suspension of solid particles have a better impact and grinding, resulting Ground. All can be used for the mixed slurry.

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More Detailed Data:
1) colloid mill
2) colloid mill
3) colloid
4) colloid
5) colloid
6) colloid
7) colloid
8) open mill;mixing mill;mill
9) crusher;mill;pulverizer;comminutor
10) mill
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