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erythrin;erythritol ester of leeanoric acid
Molecular formula :

nature : lichens called red (-). For erythritol alcohol ester Pink moss. Colorless acicular crystals (from acetone recrystallization). 148 ° C melting point. Polarimetry +10.63 °. Heat can be dissolved in acetone, soluble in ethanol, ethyl acetate, is not soluble in benzene. Dark-red case of ferric chloride was purple; Case of bleaching powder red. Lichens acid for a reduction. Exist in litmus genus Roccella montagnei Bel. And R. fuciformis DC, derived by extraction. For natural pigment. Its Derivatives : Creative ester, needle-like crystal. The temperature 82 ° C ~ 85. Three ether, needle-like crystal. 111 ° C melting point. Polarimetry D< [alpha] / SUB> +4.57 °. Three ether Tri-acetate, needle-like crystal. 110 ° C melting point.

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More Detailed Data:
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3) erythrite;cobalt bloom;erythrine;red cobalt
4) erythrite;cobalt bioom;erythrine;red cobalt
5) orcein;orceindye;Natural Red-28
6) erythrinine
7) lichens
8) chelerythrine;toddaline
9) erythritol
10) meso-Erythritol;1,2,3,4-Butanetetrol;meso-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroxybutane;Erythritol
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