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aerosol size spectrum
Molecular formula :

nature : aerosols (atmospheric particles) all expected theoretical basis of the concentration of its records or state diagram. It reflects the different granularity aerosol concentration of the situation. The concentration of several types of expression, such as particle number concentration (with the number / cm3 said), the surface area of concentration (with cm2/m3 said), concentration (with cm3/cm3 said). In practical applications, all the regular size divided into a number of class (that is, particle. If five, usually divided into :> 0.7 µ m, 3.0 ~ 7.0 µ m, 2.0 ~ 3.0 µ m, 1.1 ~ 2.0 µ m, & lt; 1.1 µ m, also divided into nine; already dedicated atmospheric particulate sampler commodity classification), and the famous granularity for the concentration of aerosols, which can be fully within the scope of aerosol particle size changes in the concentration curve. Also available to show the cumulative percentage of its concentration, as the cumulative percentage of quality, in order to understand some of the aerosol particle size spectrum importance.

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