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lyophilic colloid;lyophil
Molecular formula :

nature : it refers to decentralization and dispersion medium high avidity, to the extent they can be mixed spontaneous fragmentation can be irreversible damage after recovery, the thermodynamic stability of the homogeneous system. This usually refers to colloidal polymer solution, the solution including polymers such as proteins, enzymes, cellulose solution, starch paste, latex and other polymers such as Dextran solution, such as polyvinylpyrrolidone solution. In contrast, the vast majority of the dispersed phase inorganic colloid dispersion medium and pro-poor efforts, can only form thermodynamic instability in the multiphase system, known as hating or dredging liquid colloidal liquid colloidal (lyophobic Colloid). If, as a liquid dispersion medium is water, respectively known as hydrophilic colloid (hydrophilic Colloid) and hydrophobic colloidal (hydrophobic Colloid).

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