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humidity cabinet test;wet heat test
Molecular formula :

nature : (1) is not found corrosion resistance of the coating method, coating the relative humidity of over 90% under the conditions, the loss of adhesion will soon become, the higher the humidity (40 ~ 50 ° C), the coating polymer chain heat movement, and the faster molecular force is weakened, is conducive to water vapor, moisture and the proliferation of entry, forming coating damage, there foaming coating, rust and shedding. Credibility test will be the first membrane model thermostats hanging at the box-wet and humidity (47 ± 1) ° C, relative humidity (96 ± 2%), reaching a specified time after entry inspection and rating. (2) adhesive specimen placed thermostats and for the transfer to the wet box for inspection, the required temperature and humidity conditions, after a certain time after the determination of its performance changes.

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