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rate distribution function
Molecular formula :

nature : any large macro-molecular system of frequent collisions, the molecular rate with different values, in a state of thermal equilibrium rate at each molecular changes at the same temperature all system elements distribution rate will not change Meeks Granville first export of the gas rate distribution function, often three forms : one-dimensional two-dimensional gas gas gas 3D-u, v, w direction for three hours on the molecular rate. The chemical kinetics derived hard ball collision theory formula for the rate of the general rate of two-dimensional distribution formula. Rate control steps rate controlling step must also known as speed-step. In response to a series of steps including a series of responses, if certain steps response rate, or its rate constants of other value is far less than the value of reaction steps, other than the reaction kinetics steps on the difficult, as the response to a series of steps to control the rate. The whole chain reaction rate will be the rate controlling step rate decision.

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