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Molecular formula :

nature : mean turbine impeller. Impellers are not installed on turbine blades but, it is used for gas-liquid reactor. Gas turbine to gain access to high-speed emissions and promote turbines spin to produce Mixing role, turbo-propeller - radial flow is principally liquid radial flow, arrived to the wall folding axial, make up the mixed role. In addition, the gas to liquid spray mixture also have a great role. To strengthen mixed results, the reactor within attaching a regular flow baffle pack.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) turbine agitator
2) turbine flowmeter
3) turbine(type)agitator
4) flue gas turbine;flue gas expander
5) turbine oil L-TSA
6) turbo-mill
7) aviation kerosene;jet fuel;aviation turbine fuel;aviation fuel;turbo fuel;turbine fuel
8) nitric acid tail-gas expansion turbine
9) antiammonia turbine oil
10) helium turbine high temperature gas cooled reactor
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