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turbine flowmeter
Molecular formula :

nature : a type flowmeter. Using speed turbine flow measurement with a flow meter. By transmitter and display instruments, which can achieve flow instructions, Totalizer and control. When the fluid through the transmitter, promote helical turbine rotating turbine made by the Magnetic materials, rotating cycle after cutting magnetic line of force, the electro-magnetic induction system of reluctance change periodically, from the frequency induction coil with the flow is proportional to the voltage pulse signal. Pressure loss of small, fast response and wide range, good linearity, high accuracy. It applies only to cleaning fluid, prices are more expensive. Due to high precision, more accurate measurement or for the flow standard for the Formosan.

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More Detailed Data:
1) flowmeter
2) flowmeter
3) turbine
4) meter;fluid meter
5) flow
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