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safety valve
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nature : an automatic valve. Under pressure to open and close automatically, or install equipment in the possession of the road. When equipment or pipeline pressure exceeds the specified value, automatically opened, and pipeline equipment to ensure the medium pressure within the required numerical prevent an accident from happening. Safety valve structure has two main categories : spring-loaded and lever type. The spring-valve is the valve seat and valve seal on the spring force. Leverage is leverage on the force and heavy hammer. With large capacity, have a pulse safety valve is a safety valve from the main and auxiliary valve components. When the tunnel within the medium pressure exceeding a specified pressure value, the auxiliary valve first opened, media owners along the catheter into the safety valve and the main safety valve to open, so the increased media pressure. Safety valve emissions decided to valve seat and valve diameter of the valve opening height also can be divided into two types : inching Kai-and the whole. Inching opening height 1/15-1/20 diameter of the valve seat, all-Kai is 1/3-1/4. Furthermore, as the use of the different requirements, there is not closed and closed. Enclosed is not from the media leaks, all along from the export, commonly used for toxic and corrosive media. Not closed for general non-toxic and non-corrosive media.

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