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reciprocating compressor;piston compressor
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nature : also known as the piston compressor. The cylinder piston within reciprocating movement of gas inhalation, compression and from the compressor. There piston-type compressors and two diaphragm compressor. By moving parts, cylinder, piston and valve components. In operation, continuous reciprocating piston movement, caused the cylinder volume increases occurred and reduce the cycle, the valve on the role of changes in volume every time, the completion of a cylinder of gas inhalation, then compressed the whole process from the completion of a cycle of work. According to the gas compression by different series can be divided into single-stage and multi-stage compressors. Under-driven approach can be divided into electric and steam-driven compressor. Under the displacement can be divided into micro (less than a meter 3 /), small (1 to 10 meters 3 / min), medium (10 to 100 meters 3 / points) and large (>100 3 m / min) compressors. According to the emission of low pressure can be divided into [0.98 MPa (10 kilograms force / cm 2) below], the pressure [0.98 to 9.8 MPa (10 to 100 kilograms of force / cm < sup>2)], hypertension [9.8 to 98 MPa (100 to 1,000 kilograms of force / cm 2)] and UHP [98 MPa (1000 kilograms of force / cm k up>2) above] compressor. According to the compressed gas, which can be divided into the air, hydrogen, nitrogen, nitrogen gas mixture of hydrogen, ammonia, ethylene compressor. Widely used in various industrial sectors.

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