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nature : also known as valves and valve. Control of fluid flow in the pipe components. Its functions are : (1) hoist, or cut off communication pipe fluid flow; (2) regulatory role in changing pipeline resistance, regulating fluid through the pipe flow; (3) reducing expenditure, allowing fluid through the valves after great pressure drop; (4) based on certain factors automatically open and close to control the flow of fluid to maintain pressure or other role. According to the action principle can be divided into : (a) he valve, screw plug, cut powerful family, diaphragm valves, valve disc gate valve; (2) automatic valves (automatic valve), Check Valves, safety, etc. 11. According to the manipulation of power, can be divided into manual control, motor control, electromagnetic control, pressure control, hydraulic control.

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More Detailed Data:
1) valve
2) ball valve
3) gate valve;slide valve
4) cone valve
5) ball valve;globe cock
6) floating valve
7) stop valve
8) gate valve
9) check valve
10) pinch valve
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