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heat pump
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MW :

nature : put on the importation of power from the heat to a lower temperature can be used in high temperature devices collectively. A compression and absorption - type two. It is commonly used compression heat pump type, quality work by the turn of the Public expansion and compression, the lower the temperature and increased occurrence of alternation, was hot from the source region continues to draw heat, high-temperature heat transfer to the body (users). Heat pump own consumption of energy, it can only provide part of the heating energy, therefore, the use of certain conditions than the general access to fuel combustion are beneficial to the heat. Heat pump technology to the low-temperature waste heat and low temperature heat sources such as geothermal, the hot water use, and comprehensive utilization of the thermal energy saving technology means. Can be used for heating and cooling needs while the industrial process cooling or turn an industrial process or civilian facilities, such as condensation and evaporation, distillation, drying, heating, air conditioning, heated swimming pool water heating.

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